Mobile Advertising Directly To Your Target Audience

Reach qualified, localized customers by geo-targeting them in real time with mobile ads based on their location, location trace (where they have been previously), the time of day, the weather, and other contextual factors that comprise Precision Digital’s hyper-local mobile advertising solutions.

Today, mobile phones/smartphones are the top used technology and it is only growing. People are on their phones for more hours in a day than any other device. They are using their phone to make more decisions than ever before. It only makes sense to target potential customers where they spend the most time!

In other words, use your marketing dollars to direct ultra-relevant messaging to highly targeted mobile users and lead them to your landing page or store-front.

Real-time Geo-targeting
Reach your ideal consumers within a radius as small as 100 meters around a specific location, and push contextual mobile ads to them based on their demographic traits, location, time of day and weather.

Behavioral Geo-targeting
Retarget local customers based on their past behavior—like places they’ve visited—with messages and offers that will incite them to return or enter your brick and mortar location. Got multiple locations across the country? Drive qualified foot traffic to all of them with a single hyper-local mobile campaign.

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