Your Company’s Online Reputation Matters!

It is absolutely true when they say the best defense is a good offense! A company that takes control of their online reputation through maximizing the visibility of reviews & content they control while taking a proactive approach to reviews on 3rd party websites, will come out ahead of their competitors. Need help with that? Precision Digital can help!

Gone are the days where a negative review would have little to no effect on a business. With the advent of Social Media and the popularity of sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, a few bad reviews can act like a megaphone, negatively impacting your business and bottom line. If you are not monitoring what people are saying about your company online, then you are making a big mistake.

At Precision Digital, we help you combat the impact of negative reviews by first putting emphasis on the reviews & testimonials on the web properties you control such as your website. Combined with our Search Engine Optimization services, we work to make sure those web properties come up first when people search for your business, thus helping shed a good light from the start and helping lessen the impact of any negative reviews.

Next, through our software, we consolidate all reviews so you can see all reviews at once, reply to all reviews and receive notifications including alerts when a negative review has been posted. We work on your behalf to build an effective strategy to reply to negative reviews left by angry customers to show that your company cares and is proactive in responding to any criticism with professionalism and a sense of empathy.

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